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September 24, 2008

7 Alasan Upgrade ke Delphi 2009

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Upgrade to Delphi and C++Builder 2009

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract:Reasons to upgrade and how to choose the upgrade that’s right for you
Upgrade Now Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009
Embarcadero Technologies is Proud to Present
Seven Reasons to Upgrade Now to Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009
1. New Language Features
Delphi generics with full RTL list and collection support. Delphi anonymous methods. UnicodeString type as the default string type. C++Builder first commercial vendor support for upcoming C++0x language standards including move semantics, scoped enumerations, explicit conversion operators, static assert and type traits, decltype, extern templates, and Unicode characters. C++Builder library additions including TR1 and Boost. Improved Delphi compatibility in C++Builder with class methods and static properties

2. IDE Additions and Enhancements

Shared build configurations. Named option sets to save and apply build configurations to any project. Delphi compiler option to treat warnings as errors. Delphi Class Explorer gives configurable hierarchical view of class libraries throughout project, fast navigation to declarations and implementations, and easy addition of fields and methods. Resource Manager greatly simplifies the addition of resources to projects. LiveSource two-way UML modeling now available for C++Builder. Precompiled header wizard for C++Builder.

3. New VCL Features
VCL components and themes including TButtonedEdit, TBalloonHints, TCategoryPanelGroup. PNG image format support in TImage and TImageList. Ribbon Controls components for creating Microsoft Office style ribbon interfaces. Enhancements to TButtons, TEdit,  TListView, TTreeView, TLabel, themes, and Vista Aero support. New version of VCL for the Web for creating AJAX and Silverlight-enabled rich intranet and web applications.

4. Expanded Multi-Tier Database Technology
Next generation DataSnap. New ServerMethods give complete control over functionality of middle tier. Call procedures from server as if the code were right on the client. Continue to use familiar IAppServer interface while expanding power of application servers. No COM dependencies in new DataSnap framework. Easily migrate existing servers to the new architecture.

5. New Unicode, internationalization and localization
Unicode enabled throughout the IDE. Enhanced Integrated Translation Environment (ITE) to view and edit VCL forms and resource strings. Enhanced External Translation Manager (ETM) to view and edit language resource files outside the IDE. Enhanced Resource DLL Wizard to create Win32 resource DLLs for localization. Enhanced Translation Repository provides a database for translations that can be shared across projects.

6. New for COM and ActiveX

Enhanced Import Component wizard to import a type library, ActiveX control or .NET Assembly. Enhanced Component wizard to create the unit for a new component . TStringBuilder for easier and faster string concatenation

Fully re-architected COM/ActiveX support now enables transparent access to IDL and code. Updated Wizards support wrapping existing VCL components as ActiveX controls.

7. Updated additional components and software
InterBase 2009 Developer Edition—up to 20 users and 80 logical local connections. Updated TeeChart 8.0 charting components. Updated Rave Reports 7.6. Updated VCL for the Web RAD Web application framework. Upgrading is Easy

Discounted upgrade pricing is available to owners of any earlier version of Delphi, C++Builder, CodeGear RAD Studio, Borland Developer Studio, Kylix, Turbo Pascal, Borland Pascal, Borland C++, or Turbo Professional products. Owners of free editions including Turbo Explorer, Trial and Personal editions aren’t eligible for upgrade pricing and should order the new user products.

Step 1
Choose your edition

Choose the edition with the features you want. You can upgrade to any of the three editions regardless of which edition you currently have.

Architect This top of the line edition includes everything in the Enterprise edition plus database modeling and design capabilities powered by Embarcadero ER/Studio. A great choice if you work with databases and want to visualize database structures.
Enterprise This edition has everything in Professional plus support for remote database connectivity, drivers for six additional databases, and no connection limits on web apps built with VCL for the Web.
Professional The entry level edition but still full of power. You get the complete visual development solution with local database connectivity to InterBase, MySQL and SQL Anywhere.

Step 2
Move up from individual Delphi or C++Builder versions to a bundle of the two at a special price!

Special Upgrade Offer

Upgrade by 9/30/2008 and get InfoPower Grid Essentials free!
Expand your Delphi and C++Builder tool palette with great looking grid controls to make your user interfaces shine. Don’t miss out on this great free add-on. Upgrade today!

Embarcadero Technologies

Upgrade Now Delphi 2009
Upgrade Now C++ Builder 2008
Find a Reseller
Learn More
For just a little more than the price of Delphi or C++Builder alone, you can get a bundle of both Delphi and C++Builder 2009. The bundle is a great choice for software developers who want to build high performance native Windows applications using both the Delphi and C++ languages.

Step 3

Add Support and Maintenance
Support and Maintenance is a great way to ensure your questions will be answered and to always be up-td-date with the latest version of the software. The yearly Support and Maintenance agreement gives you:
• A full year of updates and upgrades including all major version upgrades
• Three support incidents by phone or online

Special Upgrade Offer
Upgrade by 9/30/2008 and get InfoPower Grid Essentials free!
Expand your Delphi and C++Builder tool palette with great looking grid controls to make your user interfaces shine. Don’t miss out on this great free add-on.

Upgrade today!
Upgrade Now Delphi 2009 Upgrade Now C++ Builder 2008
Find a Reseller

After you install and register your Delphi or C++Builder 2009 product, you can go to or http://cc/ to download your free copy of InfoPower Grid Essentials. More information on InfoPower Grid Essentials is available here.

© 2008 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

13 Komentar »

  1. Mantab !!!!

    Komentar oleh Delphier Indonesia — September 24, 2008 @ 3:22 am | Balas

  2. berapa harga bang?

    Komentar oleh mas_kofa — September 24, 2008 @ 7:16 am | Balas

  3. coba buka halaman dibawah ini untuk lebih detailnya

    Komentar oleh ekoindri — September 24, 2008 @ 7:20 am | Balas

  4. Bisa buat bayar kuliah ampe kelar….. :d

    Komentar oleh johnizzy — September 24, 2008 @ 7:22 am | Balas

  5. mas eko,
    klo saya liat sampai versi architect 2009 ko delphi .Net ga ada ya trus saya lg nunggu2 dari latest version delphi ko ga ada bundle buat PPC(Pocket PC) ya.
    oia ada 1 masalah, aku install versi architect 2009 pada laptopku (acer 4925 ) padahal memory dah upgrade ke 2GB.


    Komentar oleh ImanD — September 24, 2008 @ 7:46 am | Balas

  6. Delphi .NET itu ada hanya pada RAD Studio

    Nah untuk RAD Studio 2009 hingga saat ini sudah dilengkapi dengan Delphi .NET 2009 hanya saja didalamnya belum sempurna.
    Saya dah coba Delphi .NET 2009 namun didalamnya belum bisa buat Web Service dll,
    Kita tunggu aja dari team developernya semoga cepat release.
    Saya juga dapat kabar dari mas Wiku juga belum ada kabar kalau RAD Studio sudah keluar.
    Kita tunggu aja semoga cepat lahir….

    Komentar oleh ekoindri — September 24, 2008 @ 11:54 am | Balas

  7. Delphi untuk .NET yan akan disertakan dalam RAD Studio masih dibenahi (belum tahu apakah memang akan di-launch ata enggak), malah kabar terbaru akan diperluas lagi sebagai plugin untuk Visual Studio .NET, aplikasi tersebut mempunyai nama sandi (code-name) Delphi Prism.

    Komentar oleh bprasetio — Oktober 10, 2008 @ 9:31 am | Balas

  8. pak eko yang baek saya adalah blogger pemula,ajarin dong pilih template yang bagus ama sekalian cara isi web

    Komentar oleh mujiono — Oktober 14, 2008 @ 2:19 pm | Balas

  9. @Bayu Prasetio

    Tadi saya dapat kabar dari mas Wikunardi(Kebetulan tadi beliau juga tanya sama Nick Hodges, bahwa kemungkinan bulan depan sudah di Release)
    Kita berdoa dan berharap semoga kabar itu benar.

    Tetap semangat…


    Di Internet dengan bantuan google mas bisa mendapatkan banyak template dengam mudah
    Sebisa mungkin buat tampilan yang simple tapi elegan
    semoga blognya makin mantap aja mas

    Komentar oleh ekoindri — Oktober 16, 2008 @ 3:15 am | Balas

  10. tanya mas..
    barangkali tau, atau ada rekan lain yang mengalami masalah yang sama 😀

    saya coba install delphi 2009 architect edition, tapi selalu gagal (tampilan installer keluar, tapi ketika diklik, tidak ada aplikasi yang running & tidak ada pesan error apapun)

    pertama saya coba install di laptop, saya kira mungkin masalahnya ada di processor (cuma 1,6 GHz).
    tapi ketika saya coba install di desktop, masalahnya masih sama juga.

    Spesifikasi desktop: 3 GHz, XP SP3 & Memory 1 GB (2 keping @512 MB).

    Mohon pencerahan, lagi butuh banget.

    Komentar oleh bandung — November 11, 2008 @ 2:24 am | Balas

  11. code gear ama bedah ya?
    terus bedanya dimana?
    coding di apakah sama pada delphi 7
    tolong dong mas balasnya di e-mail aku di

    Mohon Dibalas ya!


    Komentar oleh Erwin — November 17, 2008 @ 8:24 pm | Balas

  12. RAD STUDIO itu isinya Delphi .NET, Delphi for win 32 dan C++ BUilder

    Code Gear itu adalah devisi yang menangani semua produk untuk develop seperti compiler, database dll

    coding di .NET dan Delphi 7 tentu pasti berbeda

    Komentar oleh ekoindri — November 17, 2008 @ 10:23 pm | Balas

  13. @bandung

    sudahkan mas melakukan patch file bds.exe nya?

    Komentar oleh ekoindri — November 17, 2008 @ 10:24 pm | Balas

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