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September 24, 2008


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AidAim Software

CryptoPressStream is a streaming compression and encryption library. It provides transparent access to compressed or encrypted data stored in the stream object. All stream objects are 100% compatible with TStream and have some advanced functionality like progress event, LoadFromStream, LoadFromFile, SaveToStream, SaveToFile methods, Lock and Unlock methods for multi-thread usage. CryptoPressStream includes TCPSManager thread-safe component that provides an easiest setting of compression and encryption parameters, and contains a list of opened streams.

CryptoPressStream contains TCPSManager visual component, Component Reference, 7 demos, License Agreement in License.txt file, History Of Changes in History.txt file and general information in ReadMe.txt file.

Key features:
– Transparent streaming compression and encryption library with 100 % TStream compatibility.
– Forward and backward seeks to any position, partial rewriting of the stream, read cache.
– Support for large 64-bit streams (> 2 Gb).
– Compression and encryption component supporting buffers, strings, files.
– Compression algorithms ZLIB, BZIP and PPM.
– Strong customizable encryption with binary key support (12 algorithms and 4 modes): Rijndael (AES) 128 and 256, Blowfish, Twofish 128 and 256, DES single, double and tripple, Square.
– TCPSManager component for compression and encryption settings, list of opened stream, memory leaks prevention.
– Native VCL, does not require any DLLs.
– 7 Demos, Component Reference with Delphi and C++ prototypes.
– Royalty free.
– Full source code available.

Install CryptoPressStream

CryptoPressStream home page

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