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September 24, 2008

DS Plugin System 2007

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DS Plugin System 2007


DS Plugin System 2007

Dragon Soft

System is based on TDataModule structure and provide you with flexible way to manage your plugins. You can create them as a BPL or DLL, you could mix them in your application.
System provides you with Delphi IDE wizard to help you create initial code for your Plugin, after this you could extend functionality in any ways.
Structure of the system allows you create independant as well as dependant plugins. In second case you could specify plugin dependancy, which means plugin itself will control environment it runs in and inform you (plugin manager) when required information is missed. This could help you handle many situations when system became unstable because some components of system not available as well as allow you handle intermodular dependancy during load process.
One more advantage of the system is its real time configuration.
You can register and unregister plugins at any time.
You can load and unload plugins at any time.
System supports thread-safe mechanizm and provides you with lock/unlock functionality.
Supported Delphi versions: Delphi 5 – 2007.
Avaialble configurations: Limited Edition (Free), Pro and Suite Edition (Commercial, see web-site for details)

Install DS Plugin System 2007

DS Plugin System 2007 home page


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