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September 24, 2008


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AidAim Software

EasyTable is a compact yet powerful, extremely fast, reliable and easy-to-use BDE alternative single-file embedded database for Delphi and C++ Builder.

With EasyTable you do not need special installation and configuration, it compiles right into your .EXE file. The great advantage of EasyTable compared to other database systems is that it allows to integrate a database file into the application executable file.

EasyTable contains TEasySession component that allows to use it in multithreaded environment, including web server applications.

TEasyQuery component provides powerful subset of SQL’92 (DDL and DML) commands.

Make your application faster and more flexible using EasyTable BDE replacement Delphi database.

Key Features:
– No BDE; no DLLs
– SQL’92 (DML & DDL) support
– Full source code included
– Unmatched ease-of-use
– Small footprint
– Storing multiple tables inside the single database file
– Fully compatible with standard DB-aware controls
– Encryption, BLOB data compression
– Capability of database embedding inside the executable file
– ODBC Dirver
– Multi-thread access

EasyTable is a fully functional database system; it includes database components as well as useful utilities (with source code), many demos and comprehensive help.

You can use EasyTable databases with any development environment that supports ODBC (BDE, Visual Studio, etc.)

EasyTable is now available for Delphi and C++ Buider in the following variations (Read License.txt for details):
Free – trial version for 1 developer. It does not include Session and Query components. You can test SQL functionality using EasyTable SQL Console utility. Free version is intended for evaluation only!
To develop your application you must buy one or more of the following commercial versions:
Lite – for 1 developer, without source code. Does not contain TEasyQuery and TEasySession components.
Com – for 1 developer, without source code.
Pro – Professional – for 1 developer, includes full source code.
Team4 – for up to 4 developers, includes full source code.
Team8 – for up to 8 developers, includes full source code.
Enterprise – for unlimited number of developers at one company, includes full source code and free Upgrade Subscription for 12 months.

All commercial licenses are royalty free. It means you may develop any number of applications for any number of users using this product without additional fees.

Install EasyTable

EasyTable home page


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