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September 24, 2008


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Heaventools Software

FlexHex is a hex editor specially designed to help you securely edit binary files, OLE compound files, logical devices, and physical drives. Use FlexHex for inspecting binary output, editing the raw data contents of a file, examining the structure of proprietary closed-format data files or old data in unknown formats, quick fixing executable or data files, creating binary files for test runs, copying and pasting a gigabyte large chunk of data, and more.

FlexHex provides an intuitive framework for editing operations covering all needs of a Delphi developer. This powerful yet simple to understand program helps you create, modify, inspect, search and replace binary, ASCII, or Unicode data. Power coders will appreciate being able to search for strings and GUIDs, compute checksums and browse COM classes.

FlexHEX provides full support for NTFS files. Specifically, FlexHEX supports sparse files and alternate data streams of files on any NTFS volume. This permits you audit your files for the presence of alternate data streams, and edit the hidden data which the other hex editors simply cannot see. Flex Hex editor also supports editing binary data as typed values in a number of formats.

Install FlexHex

FlexHex home page


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