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September 24, 2008

nrComm Lib

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nrComm Lib

Personal,Standard,Pro, Enterprise, Open Edition

nrComm Lib


nrComm Lib

nrComm Lib contents comprehensive set of serial communications components with the following features:
· serial port (comport, RS232) management (open, configure, close, I/O etc.)
· Bluetooth support
· GSM support (sms send/receive/notify, phonebook manage)
· TAPI (Telephony API) component for access to TAPI devices
· Zmodem file transfer protocol
·Voice TAPI devices support with wide sound redirection functions.
Now very easy to redirect sound from voice modem to standard sound speakers or from microphone to modem.
·Speech API support. Text-To-Speech component with sound output to voice modem.
·built in simple Terminal support for standard Delphi TCustomEdit components
·ANSI/VT100 terminal control.
· LPT port access.
·input/output properties and methods, TEventList for the on-fly byte
sequence monitoring
· ready solution for BarCode scanners – TnrBarCodeScan component
· USB devices enumeration.
·events for received data, matched received data, line errors, modem status
·wide range of built-in functions for flexible data processing
·support Delphi 3-7/2005/2006/2007, C++Builder 3-6
·full context help
·simple installation program
·… and more

Install nrComm Lib

nrComm Lib home page


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