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September 24, 2008

Pascal Analyzer 4.0

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Pascal Analyzer 4.0


Pascal Analyzer 4.0

Peganza Software

Pascal Analyzer is a Windows program that helps Delphi and Borland Pascal developers measure, check, and document their source code. Pascal Analyzer (or PAL for short) is a development tool that makes software projects of any size easier to understand and enables developers to produce flawless and reliable code. PAL contains numerous optimization, validation, and documentation features, which help in fine-tuning and managing the development process. In addition, it is an extremely easy tool to use.

Pascal Analyzer quickly pays for itself through easier maintenance,
fewer errors, improved code quality, and easier migration of projects
between programmers. Reports generated by Pascal Analyzer contain
a wealth of important information about the source code.
This data will help you better understand your source code,
and assist you in producing code of higher quality and reliability.

Pascal Analyzer spots many types of programming bugs and anomalies,
like unused variables, name conflicts, and incorrect scope.
In addition to common cross-reference reports, PAL for instance produces class hierarchy lists, lists of side effects and warnings about unused identifiers.

Install Pascal Analyzer 4.0

Pascal Analyzer 4.0 home page

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