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September 24, 2008

PE Explorer

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PE Explorer

Personal, Standard, Pro, Enterprise

PE Explorer

Heaventools Software

PE Explorer contains a whole host of powerful analysis and editing tools for working with win32 PE files, and provides Delphi developers the necessary tools for disassembly and inspection of unknown binaries, modifying the properties of executable files and customizing and translating their resources. With PE Explorer, you can apply a professional approach to research and rapid reverse engineering of win32 PE executables.

PE Explorer offers a convenient, safe and easy-to-use resource editor. Visual editing features let you quickly view, extract, modify, rebuild, delete, customize, or translate executable file resources from within the file. Dialog boxes, menus, string tables, icons, and more are right at your fingertips. PE Explorer allows you to edit the properties of any controls on Delphi forms within the PE file, there’s a very strong emphasis on peeking inside Delphi applications and packages. The product can work with JPG, PNG, embedded XML manifest files, and Image Lists.

Besides being an effective resource editor, PE Explorer also provides an API Function Syntax Lookup, Dependency Scanner, Section Editor, and a powerful yet easy-to-use Disassembler with special Delphi VCL support. Leveraging the power of PE Explorer Disassembler, you can rapidly analyze the procedures and libraries an executable uses without ever activating the executable itself – a great advantage over debuggers where code needs to be run to be analyzed. Other features include automatic UPX and Upack unpacking, support for custom plug-ins, and more.

Install PE Explorer

PE Explorer home page

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