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September 24, 2008

Resource Tuner Console

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Resource Tuner Console

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Resource Tuner Console

Heaventools Software

Resource Tuner Console is a tool that enables developers to automate editing of resources in Windows 32 and 64-bit EXE or DLL files. This command-line resource editor allows creating a repeatable process for updating and customizing resources. If you have to edit resources in multiple executables then you have probably dreamed of being able to automate this task and turn it into a quick job that is activated by just one click of the mouse.

Once you have written a script, you can reuse it over and over again. This lets you perform many post-build steps to add, replace, or delete icons and various string resources, such as Version Info, Manifest, and StringTables.

Resource Tuner Console combines a robust resource editor with intelligent script capabilities. All the functionality of Resource Tuner Console can be called from within your VBScript. Use RTC special procedures to edit existing resources, add new resources, change executable file version numbers and copyright strings, convert resource languages, or export and save an entire file’s resources as a resource DLL.

Install Resource Tuner Console

Resource Tuner Console home page

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