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September 24, 2008

SpeechKit 4

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SpeechKit 4

Developer Edition

SpeechKit 4 (Snippet ID 24443)

Chant Inc.

With Chant SpeechKit component software, you can:

– Voice-enable any type of application with SpeechKit components in ActiveX, C-DLL, COM, Java, .NET Framework, VCL, Web, and Xtra formats.

– Select and adjust recognizer, synthesizer, and audio options and property settings dynamically.

– Deploy your applications independent of specific recognizers and synthesizers with Chant SpeechKit component support for Microsoft SAPI 3, SAPI 4, SAPI 5, Dragon NaturallySpeaking COM objects, and IBM SMAPI (ViaVoice).

– Leverage a common persistence framework across programming languages and component formats.

– Support Unicode and ANSI systems with single component library.

Develop applications that can speak instead of text only displays:

– Synthesize speech from anywhere within your application.

– Automatically synthesize message box text.

– Easily enumerate and select a voice.

– Easily adjust the spoken output speed, volume, and pitch.

– Take advantage of built-in audio management and synthesize to the audio format needed by your application.

– Synthesize text from strings, buffers, streams, and files.

– Playback audio or write to buffers, streams, and files.

– Access detailed synthesis result attributes and properties.

– Import and export pronunciation lexicons and property settings.

Develop applications that can respond to your voice instead of having to use a keyboard and mouse:

– Capture spoken input as if it was typed using a keyboard.

– Select menus, list items, click buttons, and click hypertext links by speaking instead of using a mouse.

– Simulate keyboard input.

– Simulate mouse clicks.

– Recognize spoken languages supported by recognizers.

– Leverage common dictation text formatting across speech APIs.

– Access detailed recognition result attributes and properties.

– Correct recognition results.

– Playback recorded audio associated with recognition results.

– Manage context-based and context-free recognition by dynamically adding, removing, enabling, and disabling, command, grammar, and dictation vocabularies.

– Generate XML recognition grammars dynamically.

– Take advantage of built-in audio management and recognize from the audio format needed by your application.

– Recognize from buffer, file, microphone, and stream audio sources.

– Write audio to buffers, streams, and files.

– Import and export speaker profiles, pronunciation lexicons, and property settings.

– Use built-in What Can I Say</i> dialog to display what commands your application responds to and Where Can I Go</i> dialog to display hypertext links that can be invoked by speaking the link text.

Chant SpeechKit 4 Developer Edition includes essential components, samples, Microsoft SAPI 5.1 recognizer and synthesizers, and a microphone headset so you have everything you need to develop software that speaks and listens:

– ActiveX, C-DLL, COM, .NET Framework, Java, VCL, and Xtra component libraries that support Microsoft SAPI 3, SAPI 4, SAPI 5, Dragon NaturallySpeaking COM objects, and IBM SMAPI speech APIs so your applications work with Microsoft, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, IBM ViaVoice, and other popular recognizers and synthesizers;

– Sample Recognition and Synthesis application projects for the following development environments:

– Borland C++Builder,

– Borland C#Builder,

– Borland Delphi .NET,

– Borland Delphi Win32,

– Borland JBuilder,

– Macromedia Authorware,

– Macromedia Director,

– Macromedia Flash,

– Microsoft Internet Explorer,

– Microsoft Visual Basic,

– Microsoft Visual C++,

– Microsoft Visual FoxPro,

– Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (C#, C++, J#, and VB),

– Oracle JDev,

– PowerBASIC,

– REALBasic,

– Sun JDK, and

– Sybase PowerBuilder;

– Microsoft SAPI 5.1 recognizer and synthesizers;

– Plantronics monaural microphone headset (CD-ROM version only); and

– Single developer license (deployment libraries licensed separately).

The components function on your development system where the Developer Edition is licensed to run. Before you deploy your application, you must purchase a license for a Chant SpeechKit 4 Deployment Edition that provides you the library to include with your application.

Deployment Editions are available for ActiveX, C-DLL, COM, .NET Framework, Java, Web, and Xtra. Delphi VCL developers deploy with the C-DLL component library. Web developers do not deploy a library and instead register their domain to access the component CAB files from their web site.

Install SpeechKit 4

SpeechKit 4 home page


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