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September 25, 2008

ActivLicense Online

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ActivLicense Online is a royalty free and professional and robust anti-piracy solution based on product activation technology designed for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder.

The activation can be performed in a few minutes via Internet or by Phone.

This is a way to check software’s licenses and control the number of times your software can be activated or made functional through serial number registration on multiple computers.

Why Online Protection ?

It’s common knowledge that the software industry loses up to 40% of its sales due to piracy every year. Now with the Internet, it’s easier to control product licensing. When companies know that the software requires activation to be registered, they don’t take the risk of running illegal copies, so they purchase legitimate licenses.

If the software is not activated, you can control and enforce run limits to force the user to activate the software copy. You can also get detailed reports about activation key information.

If you already have licensing protection, there is no need to change your current licensing scheme. ActivLicense can be added as additional protection to verify if the software license is valid. With ActivLicense Online, you can enhance your current solution.

How ActivLicense works

ActivLicense Online verifies that a program’s product key is only used on the computer intended by the software’s license. You only need to create an Activation Account with a Username ID and a Product Key (that you have selected). Then, you send this information directly to your customer.

The End-User can choose to activate your product over the Internet or by Telephone. During the Activation process, the identity of the individual copy of the software and the machine information that the copy is installed on is sent to the server.

ActivLicense Online is composed 3 modules:

· ActivLicense Manager – For activation account management
· VCL TActivLicense – (native VCL) for control inside your project
· ActivLicense Server – For Internet control and activation key creation (IIS only)

It’s very easy to use ActivLicense. With it’s ergonomic interface, you can create activation accounts in a few clicks.

Protect Application against Patch

ActivLicense Online use Ionworx SecureCode technology to prevent software application being patched.

You can protect fragments of your source code and execute them only when your software is activated. Otherwise, your code is protected against reverse-engineering. The user needs a valid Unlock Key to decrypt all protected blocks.

Example to implement ActivLicense in your code (Delphi code sample) :


· Antidebugging & Antimonitors Protection

Protect against debuggers and tracers to prevent code analysis

· Asymmetric Encryption Technology

Used to generate an Activation Key and prevent against keygenerator

· CodeProtector Encryption

Protects fragments of your source code against patching attack

· Machine ID Locking

Prevents installation on other computers without a valid license

· Control Activations Number

Limit the number of times your software can be activated

· Control Expiration Date

Limit activations by granting a period using date expiration

· World Wide Control

Activation based on end-user country and avoid warez site

ActivLicense is professional protection with easy to use, powerful features. You can protect your intellectual property rights and reduce piracy of your software.

Get free fully functional version for evaluation, please go to Download Center

Screen Captures

ActivLicense Manager

ActivLicense Manual Activation

ActivLicense User Account Creation

See ActivLicense in Action

To see quickly ActivLicense in action,we build a small compiled project.

Download the executable archive and run the executable to see how ActivLicense works : Download

Username = UserDemo

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