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September 25, 2008


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AutomatedQA’s AQtime is a performance profiler and memory debugger which allows developers to find performance bottlenecks or memory leaks in their Win32, or .NET managed, unmanaged or mixed-code applications.
All too often, software developers skip certain essential parts of development, such as monitoring the health and performance of their applications. For a number of reasons, developers prefer to work only on their code, presuming either that their code does not need such monitoring, or that these are “QA” problems that will be caught in testing. Adding to the problem is that developers rarely want to work in another application, outside their development IDE.
AQtime is targeted at developers and provides tools that make working in AQtime much more natural and common for them. In addition, since AQtime integrates fully into the Visual Studio IDE, developers can monitor the heath and performance of their applications without leaving Visual Studio. This allows various profiling tasks to become a part of their daily development schedule.
Pedigree –
Prior to version 4, AQtime existed as two divergent tools; one for Win32 and the other for the .NET framework. While noted in both lines (AQtime received numerous accolades, while AQtime .NET Edition was the first profiler written specifically for the .NET framework from the ground up), AQtime 4 is more than the sum of its parts. In addition to the unified product lines, AQtime has been re-architected to make the product more accessible and simpler to use.
Profilers – With version 5, AQtime offers many different profilers and tools.
The Allocation profiler tracks memory allocation and reports on memory leaks.
The Resource profiler checks to see if the application being profiled creates Windows resources correctly and releases all of the allocated resources.
The Coverage profiler lets developers determine whether a routine or a line of code was executed during the profiler run and how many times it was executed. This is of particular use when combined with an automated testing tool.
The Performance profiler is the primary tool for investigating an application’s performance. It monitors the application execution and gathers considerable information about each application function.
The Platform Compliance profiler helps determine whether profiled application can work on a specific operating system.
The Sequence Diagram Link profiler analyzes the sequence of function calls in an application and builds a UML-style diagram of those calls.
There is also a Static Analysis profiler and an Exception Trace profiler.
Control –
AQtime provides several means of specifying what parts of an application are to be profiled and when. With “Areas”, a developer can use drag and drop operations to specify classes, routines or lines of code to be included or excluded in profiling runs. “Triggers” and “Actions” allow a developer to tell the profiler when to turn on or off.
Integration –
AQtime can be run either as a stand-alone application, or completely integrated into the Visual Studio .NET IDE. In either instance, AQtime is able to provide various profiling capabilities for managed, unmanaged or mixed-code projects. Both options provide several panels for setting up a profiler run and for reporting on the resulting data. When run within the Visual Studio IDE, the AQtime panels and toolbars are available to the developer as any other IDE panel. In addition, options for creating new profiling projects and for adding profiling to a Visual Studio solution are available within the IDE.
For more information, or to download a trial version, see our website at
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AutomatedQA Corp.
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Beverly, MA 01915
United States
Phone: +1 (978) 236-7900
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AutomatedQA Corp. is wholly focused on engineering affordable and feature-rich developer tools, QA technologies and Project management solutions and providing our users with fast and accurate product support – each and every day. AutomatedQA’s products have won numerous industry awards, including the Jolt Product Excellence Award for Best Testing Tool. AutomatedQA Corp. was listed in the 2008, 2007 and 2004 SD Times 100 list as a recognition of its leadership and innovation in the software development industry.

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