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September 25, 2008

Devrace FIBPlus

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Turbo Delphi Professional Turbo C++ Professional
Devrace FIBPlus for Delphi/C++Builder Product Logo

Devrace FIBPlus

Use FIBPlus to create robust, high-performance, powerful and stable InterBase
applications with low system requirements easily and quickly. FIBPlus does not
require BDE or any other third-party database middle-ware and works directly
with InterBase API. FIBPlus supports different Borland development environments:
Delphi 5-7, Delphi 2005-2006, Turbo Delphi, C++ Builder 5-6, Turbo C++ and Kylix 3. Your applications will be compatible
with all existing InterBase versions: Borland InterBase 4.x – 2007 and Firebird.
You can use FIBPlus together with any of your favorite visual data-aware components
(b>InfoPower, DevExpress, EhLib, IntraWeb, etc) and report generators (b>QuickReport,
FastReport, ReportBuilder, etc). Take complete control of transactions in
your applications, reduce DEADLOCK possibility and show actual database data
to your users even in complicated multi-user environment. Create easy-to-support
applications with the help of FIBPlus Data Repository and change your queries
and visual table properties without rebuilding applications. Integrate administration
capabilities in your programs, this will enable your users to backup and restore
databases and manage server users. Use FIBPlus features to handle connection
– save user’s data if connection has been broken and apply saved changes after
restoring the connection. This enables you to create applications, which operate
well even on such a low-speed and non-stable channel as a dial-up connection.
Use unlimited FIBPlus means of low-level TpFIBDataSet Cache* methods to manipulate
your data in applications. Feel free to use complicated master-detail links
because FIBPlus helps to do all routine automatically and effectively. This
reduces unnecessary net-traffic and automatically sets linked detail parameters.
Use design-time FIBPlus tools to develop your applications conveniently./>

FIBPlus Features:

  • Unique capability of use of two separate transactions in TpFIBDataSet. It
    can select all records in the context of one long read-only transaction and
    make all data modifications in the context of a separate short writing transaction.
    This helps to avoid DEADLOCK in multiple concurent user environment.
  • Optional auto-commit mode in the TpFIBDataSet and TpFIBQuery components.
  • Control over uncommited data changes in TpFIBDataSet (the HasUncommitedChanges
  • Automatic generation of modifying queries on basis of TpFIBDataSet.SelectSQL
    in run-time after opening TpFIBDataSet. Automatic generation of modifying
    queries after changing record fields. Result modyfing query will include only
    changed fields.
  • Robust support of auto-increment fields with the help of TpFIBDataSet.AutoUpdateOptions.
  • Support of local filtering mode: selecting records in TpFIBDataSet without
    re-opening of a query.
  • Support of local data sorting: re-ordering records in TpFIBDataSet without
    re-opening of a query.
  • Local BLOB-filters support can be used for transparent packing, coding or
    encryption of BLOB-fields in the client applications.
  • Unique features and options for optimization of master-detail mechanism.
    Reduction of unnecessary net-traffic during master navigation, automatic set
    of linked fields in detail datasets, optional automatic refresh of master-record
    if detail has been changed.
  • Correct support of CachedUpdates mode. TpFIBDataSet does not requre an open
    connection and an active transaction in CachedUpdates mode. This is required
    only when application needs to apply all made changes to a database.
  • Unique capability to use macroses in SelectSQL. It helps to create queries
    dynamically. For example, this is correct use of macroses: “SELECT @FIELD_NAME
  • Full-functional work with array fields in TpFIBDataSet and TpFIBQuery.
  • Client-side triggers analogues – the unique capability to create complex
    queues of data update in live queries by TpFIBUpdateObject components. TpFIBUpdateObject
    can be used in the context of different transactions and even together with
    different database connections. This enables to organize complex but easy-to-understand
    algorithms of data modification and “parallel” database synchronization.
  • Getting detail queries statistics and increasing application performance
    with the help of the TpFIBStatistic component: count of query executions,
    total execution time, average execution time, longest execution time and time
    of a last query.
  • Integrated support of FIBPlus Data Repository. It enables you to fill such
    properties of TpFIBDataSet fields as DisplayLabel, EditFormat, DisplayFormat,
    DisplayWidth and Visible automatically. It also enables to store all queries
    in a database and put them to the corresponding TpFIBDataSet component with
    the help of the DataSet_ID property. Implementation of FIBPlus Data Repository
    enables users to store any additional options in a database and easily use
  • SQL Navigator Expert (FIBPlus Tools) is an instrument of centralized SQL
    handling in the whole application. SQLNavigator looks over all application
    forms and picks out those, which contain FIBPlus components for work with
    SQL: TpFIBDataSet, TpFIBQuery, TpFIBUpdateObject and TpFIBStoredProc. Use
    SQL Navigator to find, modify, check and save all necessary SQL statements
    in your application.
  • and many others
Embarcadero Product(s): Delphi 2009, C++Builder 2009, Kylix, InterBase, Turbo Delphi Professional, Turbo C++ Professional
Platform(s): Linux, Windows
Category(s): Database Development Tool, Database Management Tool, Programming Tool, Component
Industry(s): Healthcare, Computing, Financial Services, Government, Education, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Engineering, Human Resources
Do you need a fast, flexible and high-performance component library for Delphi, C++ Builder and Kylix to work with InterBase and Firebird? Just try FIBPlus!

Devrace Company
Pacific Business Centre
P.O. Box 34069 #381
Seattle, WA 98124-1069
United States
Phone: 1-800-571-8384
Corporate Email:
Sales Email:
Newsgroup: news://

Our company specializes in software development for specialists who use Borland® Delphi™, Borland® C++ Builder, Borland® Kylix™ and Borland® InterBase®.

By making our products with unique features we try to give the developers an opportunity to create their applications in the most effective way. We are successful in this because all our specialists are highly professional and experienced software developers themselves. We quickly adapt our products for new versions of Borland® Delphi™, Borland® C++ Builder, Borland® InterBase® and Borland® Kylix™.

Since 2001 Devrace is an official Borland Technology Partner and takes part in all beta-testing programs and joint Borland conferences in Europe. While expanding at the market, the company is becoming more and more popular and respectable among specialists. At present Devrace has customers in the USA, England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries.

Our clients are always very grateful to us for our products and technical support. We are sure that you will join us and appreciate the high quality of our products!


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