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September 25, 2008


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Keeping customers on the most current version optimizes the performance of your product and significantly reduces your end-user support costs.

goUpdater is new and innovative software updating and delivery solutions designed for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder, ensuring that end-users always have the latest version of your software.

When integrated into your application, goUpdater performs almost any updating task, including synchronizing files, running an installer, updating your software, and even performing a custom action to keep your customers up to date and reducing even a fraction of your tech support calls by using goUpdater.

Depending upon how you select to deliver the update, clients don’t even need to know about it, as goUpdater can deliver updates without the need for any end-user interaction.

Create a complete installation package for the application and make it available for download, or issue new media that contains the updated software. goUpdater build reliable and multi-languages setups in record time without any training, don’t spent your time to translate install text, the customer can select own language at installation. You can rapidly implement and deployement your software easily without scripts complexities.

Innovatives concepts

Our updating system is first to introduces innovatives concepts :

· Automatic version info detection from your executable file (if you use option), when you compile your program, don’t need to think to update infos (like increase version info or date info), our solution can do automatically

· Advanced application closing to terminate your program and other thirdyparty programs processes running in memory to avoid crash or conflict during the update process

· Secure licensing protection to control update access at your customer during a granted period or granted version with subscription license

· Advanced technology to reduce the size of updated files as much as 80%, significantly reducing network load and save file download and upload time

· Advanced pages updating to apply new application information inside your web pages or other files (like version info, last date release, history note) and transfer them automatically to your website

· Advanced server protection system for applications in multi editions, locking each server access by a specific key. At the installation, the customer insert the key for allowed edition (standard or pro, etc ..) and can download update for this version only

· Advanced package compression and encryption, goUpdater secure your update with AES Rijndael 256 bits encryption to avoid any illegal unpacker or to corrupt data

· Multi-keys protection at installation, usally you can set 1 key at installation, with goUpdater set many keys

· Allow to upload your update package into multi-servers at once time

goUpdater is regularly evaluated by professional developers around the world.

Add AutoUpdating Solution & Reduce Support Calls

goUpdater is complete software updating solution using 2 separate components : native Borland VCL for implentation in your application to detect a new version and Update Manager to create update installation for deployement (via Internet or CD-Rom) at end’s users.

goUpdater was designed to reduce the time it takes to add automated update capabilities to your software. Now made your update package and deploy (via Web, DVD/CD-Rom, or other storage) in few minutes with goUpdater.

Licensing Control for subscription stragety

goUpdater is first to introduces licensing control for subscription access strategy (using RSA asymmetric encryption technology to prevent you against key generator) in updating system.

You can create subscription license during a specific expiration period (days or years) or by specific version to allow your customer download your latest update, when the granted period expired the user cannot access at the update. Automates the license process with goLicense tools allow you to generate quickly in commands line.

Secure update installation in multi-editions

Preserve your files and reduce size using compression technology with AES encryption (256bits) to protect your package integrity.

Our updating system can require authentication key to install update and lock web servers download access associating a specific key, you have multi-versions of your software (Standard, Pro, Entreprise or Premium for example) this option can be usefull.

Deploy update on network environment and save times

goUpdater can update work in Network Environment, you create own update manager for Network server using goChecker component (for Borland), the local server will detect and download from Internet, all workstations will detect the new update from the local server and install automatically. Your customers will be able to update many workstations in few minutes.

Automatic web page update on site

goUpdater introduce an advanced pages updating concept to apply new application information inside your web pages or other files (like version info, last date release, history note) and transfer them automatically to your website. Don’t need to use your HTML editor and FTP client at each new release to update your webpages infos, goUpdater do the work for you. Others solutions can update your software but no your webpages.

Apply update safely using backup technology

Your customer can process update in security with our advanced backup system, you can require to make backup before to apply the update and allow restoration of previous software version


· Intuitive user interface and easy to use
· Native Borland VCL to detect new version from your software
· Auto detection adminstratrives privileges account
· Advanced registry editor to allow system modifications
· Advanced security system to protect update installation
· Advanced backup system to rollback to a previous version
· Advanced system to save user’s Internet bandwidth as much as possible
· Auto detection version information from the executable file
· Automatic web pages update (version info, history note, date info) (Pro Edition)
· Automatic update to force update installation (without intervention) (Pro Edition)
· Update licensing subscription (to limit by expiration date or version) (Pro Edition)
· Commands line support to automates the update building process
· Add your own splash screen at install startup
· Compression technology to reduce upload and download time
· Hide servers access information to avoid illegal update download from the user
· Windows plateform detection
· smartFind system to assist you to find files quickly
· Built-in FTP client to automate the update transfer into server
· Built-in HTML Editor to edit your web pages or files
· Generate log file tracking the update installation process
· Customization install interface (compatible glyFX graphics packs)
· Network Environment, update automatically each workstations
· Source(in Delphi) of VCL goChecker available for Delphi. (Enterprise Edition)
· Supports SSL mode to establish a secured connection with your FTP server
· Supports Proxy
· Supports Borland Delphi 2005 / BDS 2006 (Win32)
· Supports drag and drop from Windows Explorer
· Supports external installer application (like InnoSetup, Wise, InstallShield)
· Supports Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, 2003
· Secure AES Encryption to garantee the complete integrity
· RSA PKI Encryption for license generation to prevent against illegal key generator
· Professionnals skins interface ready to customize installation
· Installation dialogs can be customized with your own texts
· Multi-closing external application(s)
· Multi-web servers to download update from different
· Multi-actions before and after the update process
· Multi-languages install interface ready and customize texts
· (Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Italiano, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian)

Get free fully functional version for evaluation, please go to Download Center

Screen Captures

goUpdater Manager

Package Manager

Multi-Closing Applications

Multi-Actions Settings

Multi-Web Server Locations

Web Page Updates

Install protection by keys

Update Installation Wizard

Licensing Control Protection

Watch the video


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