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September 25, 2008

ICE License SecureCode

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Ionworx SecureCode is a new VCL protection system based on runtime source code encryption technology. It protects against decompilation or reversing-engineering of your software by your competitors or software crackers.

If you use your own Licensing Protection or if you want to safeguard your technology, SecureCode obfuscates the code not on the source level.

Ionworx SecureCode provides strong copy protection because even if your Licensing Protection is broken, your software is always safe. Our protection encrypts and secures any portion of your source code.

Without a valid key, the protected portion of code cannot be executed.

Protect your technology

Borland code obfuscation system to helps software publishers to protect their sensitive code areas based antidebugging protection and runtime encryption. Prevent software against reverse engineering and illegal decompilation.

If you have important code and you don’t want your competitors to see your technology, the solution is to protect your intellectual property with SecureCode.

You can use SecureCode as protection against reverse-engineering or you can use it as additional protection with you current registration scheme.

The developer can encrypt any procedures or functions they want to protect. These functions are only decrypted as they are used, then encrypted again as soon as the function is completed. One can also have nested encryption that is enabled and disabled in real time as the program is run.

SecureCode’s security is internal to your software. This is an advantage for your application to prevent against generic cracks. SecureCode Protection is based on 2 methods : Runtime Encryption or Runtime Extraction block code. SecureCode does not encrypt / decrypt all source code – only the fragments that you have selected with special markers inside your project code, see example here.

All protected code can be executed only when a valid key is inserted – otherwise, the code cannot be executed (e.g : you can protect registered functions or procedures).

SecureCode is the first protection system to implement a Runtime Encryption System without the decryption key residing inside the executable. PE Cryptor and other tools keep the key inside the executable, so it’s easy to decrypt it.

This implementation is so successful that some other protection schemes are now using our protection idea.

SecureCode is first software protection system to offer “Extraction Code” protection to prevent cracks.

If your software is protected using “Extraction Block Code” protection, your software will stay protected until decryption was valided, because the code is extracted from the executable file. To increase security, you can lock the executable with MachineID. The code blocks will only be executed on the specified machine. Only SecureCode can offer this protection.

Easy to use

It’s very easy to implement SecureCode in your software. Add only the files “” and “” in each procedure or function you want protected and apply SecureCode.exe.

Get free fully functional version for evaluation, please go to Download Center

Screen Captures

SecureCode Manager

Code Implentation (Delphi Example)

Compare with & without SecureCode

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