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September 25, 2008

LMD ElPack for Delphi(.NET)/C++Builder

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Turbo Delphi Professional Turbo Delphi Pro for .NET Turbo C++ Professional
LMD ElPack for Delphi(.NET)/C++Builder Product Logo
LMD ElPack represents an extensive set of native visual components for Delphi and C++ Builder to create powerful, customizable user interfaces incuding HTML, unicode and themes support. In addition LMD ElPack contains components and functions to perform different standard tasks like access to Windows registry, string operations etc. Most certainly the key control is the extensive TElXTree component (and its datasensitive version) which was completely reworked for ElPack 5.0 and improved in Release 6.0 to serve as replacement for ListView, TreeView, ListBox, CheckList, RadioGroup and any custom grid! Completely new in ElPack 6.0 is the shared runtime support with all other LMD 2007 packages (LMD-Tools and IDE-Tools 1). All major LMD packages share same advanced features like unicode-enabled native XML/RegEx support, shared imagelist container, compression libraries etc.
From version 3.0 on LMD ElPack provides complete Unicode support including Unicode hints for components. Unicode support is not limited to Windows NT platforms – your Delphi applications can truely support Unicode even on Windows 9x/ME!
LMD ELPack can also provide the the fancy Windows XP themes look to your applications. This built-in support for Windows XP themes is again not limited to Windows XP operating systems – it even works on other operating systems like Windows 9x/ME!
* Includes up to 173 controls for everyday work (Professional version, Standard: 117). These components extend functionality of standard VCL controls and also introduce lots of new features and customizable look-and-feel.
* The shared LMD 2007 Runtime adds additional 25+ extra controls like container classes (including LMD Imagelists), Vista support controls, the TLMDApplication object and many more.
* Unicode and themes support even on Win9X systems!
* Powerful Tree- and Grid Controls!
* Integrated HTML support for many controls!
* Full sourcecode of library in both Standard and Professional packages included
* Contains as bonus in Standard and Professional version license for LMD ElPack 4.0 CLX (up to 30 native CLX components)
* Many demo projects with sourcecode including the new Megademos!
* Free updates via Internet
Embarcadero Product(s): Delphi 5.0, Delphi 6.0, Delphi 7.0, Delphi 8.0, Delphi 2005, Delphi 2006, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2009, C++Builder 6, C++Builder 2006, C++Builder 2007, C++Builder 2009, Turbo Delphi Professional, Turbo Delphi Pro for .NET, Turbo C++ Professional, RAD Studio 2007
Platform(s): Windows, Microsoft .NET Framework
Category(s): Accounting Package, GUI Enhancement, Programming Tool, Component

LMD Innovative
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