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September 25, 2008

SDL Component Suite

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SDL Component Suite
As of August 2008 the SDL Component Suite is comprised of the following packages and
units (summing up to a total of approx. 115000 lines of code):

SDL_SDLBase – a collection of common declaration used by the other units
SDL_SDLColors – definitions and routines for color management
SDL_CPUID – retrieving technical information about the CPU (serial no. etc)
SDL_DStruct – FIFO buffers, bit and byte arrays, RL encoder, associative arrays
SDL_HtmlSupport – a collection of routines to support HTML code
SDL_UnivConst – a collection of universal constants (math, physics, chemistry, astronomy)
SDL_FileSys – a collection of system and file related routines
SDL_Streams – a collection of routines for handling streams
SDL_StringL – string processing and regular expression search

SDL_Complex – a collection of routines to calculate with complex numbers
– SDL_DataTable universal class for handling measurement data
SDL_Math1 – a collection of basic math/statistics routines
SDL_Vector – handling of vectors
SDL_Matrix – for manipulating matrices
SDL_Math2 – a collection of advanced math/statistics routines
SDL_Fourier – a fast Fourier transform (FFT) component
SDL_Kohonen – a component to simulate a Kohonen map
SDL_SLine – a non-visual component for performing calculations with straight lines
SDL_Statis – statistical functions, normal, t-, F-, and chi-square distribution
SDL_Wavelet – a simple wavelet component

SDL_CData – some fundamental chemistry related routines
SDL_CForm – molecular formulas
SDL_ChemGrph – a component for displaying chemical structures
SDL_CStruct – a unit for handling chemical structure

SDL_ColSel – a color select box for selecting system colors
SDL_GradFl – a gradient fill component
SDL_HtmlLab – a label whose text is controlled by HTML code (n/a in Light Edition)
SDL_MarkSel – a component for selecting graphic symbols
SDL_Meter – a good old index meter component
SDL_NumIO – fail-safe input of formatted numbers
SDL_NTabEd – numerical table editor
SDL_NumLab – a numeric label component
SDL_ProgBar – adjustable progress bars
SDL_RasterLab – scrolling dot matrix display
SDL_RepList – a component for displaying reports
SDL_Thumbnails – a component to display images as thumbnail collection
SDL_URLLab – a label invoking the Web browser when clicked (n/a in Light Edition)

SDL_GeoDB – database for geographic data
SDL_GeoMap – a unit to display geographic maps
SDL_GeoAtlas – a geographic atlas component

SDL_BoxPlot – a component to display boxplots
SDL_Dendrogram – a component to calculate and display dendrograms (n/a in Light Edition)
SDL_Gauge – a gauge component
SDL_Plot3D – a component to display color-coded 3D surfaces
SDL_PolChart – a component to display polar diagrams (n/a in Light Edition)
SDL_RChart – the award winning scientific/engineering chart component
SDL_Rot3D – a component to display 3D data and rotate them on-screen
SDL_Scale – displaying many kinds of scales (n/a in Light Edition)

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Platform(s): Windows, Microsoft .NET Framework
Category(s): Graphics / Charting, Mathematics Library, Programming Tool, Scientific and Engineering, Component
Industry(s): Computing, Government, Education, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Engineering, IT Services

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