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September 26, 2008


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Doc-O-Matic Product Logo
Doc-O-Matic parses source code and extracts comments in various formats from all types of source files. Comments can be authored using the integrated fully featured editor. Existing and added content is compiled into PDF, browser-based Help, HTML Help 1.x, MS HMTL Help 2.0 and Windows Help. Outputs include automatically created TOC, indexes, title pages, member overviews, class hierarchies, body source code, declaration source code and automatic cross linking of all symbols in the project and optionally to symbols in other projects or Help systems (.NET SDK, MFC and VCL). All output formats are completely customizable, not only added descriptions but all automatically created parts.

General Features

  • C/C++ and Delphi/Pascal support
  • Support for C++.NET, C#, VB.NET and Java
  • Complete language support, no configuration necessary
  • Extraction of existing untagged plain text descriptions, formatting without using tags for sections, lists, headlines and tables
  • Supports simple HTML formatting in comments
  • Extraction of comments from any source files that support comments (for example Assembler, ASP, Javascript,
    VB, SQL, Perl, LISP, Ada, Fortran, COBOL)
  • Single source Authoring Help tool
  • Conditional text
  • Visual table of contents designer
  • Tool to visualize the documentation status of your project
  • Quality assurance features to assure that up to-date and accurate documentation is created

Describing Code

  • Fully featured editor
  • Insert tables, images, links, (native and external links to URLs and files) flags, keywords, colors, titles, character and paragraph formatting
  • Insertion of plain text format comments in source code or external documentation files
  • Link databases that allow you to easily link to other projects and IDE Help systems (MFC, VCL and .NET)
  • Predefined but customizable documentation sections that allow you to easily create summaries, ‘See Also’ links,
    examples, parameter descriptions, return values and example code
  • Describe code in multiple locations
  • Filter to reduce displayed symbols
  • Source code view that optionally displays the whole source file
  • Imports HTML files, plain text files and Word documents
  • Command line compiler
  • Tools to support team development and project merging (templates, import topic hierarchy, customized project setting and schemes)

Output Features

  • Produces class hierarchy diagrams (including derived classes)
  • Produces fully customizable symbol overviews and navigation pages. Optionally include base class members
  • Provides full automatic hyperlinking in your project, between projects and between projects and MFC, VCL and .NET framework Help
  • Add automatically created cross linked reports from your documentation (all Todo sections, all bugs sections, all deprecated symbols and a glossary)
  • Add additional grouping levels for symbols that are integrated in overview pages automatically
  • Full customization of all output formats including table of contents, Index, headers and footers for each output format
  • Provides translations for all predefined words in the output
  • Conditional text

Windows Help

  • Borland documentation look and feel
  • Context sensitive help support for C++ and Delphi.
  • Popups for See Also links and Class Hierarchies


  • Produces PDF files and manuals, without additional tools
  • Table of contents, index, title page and copyright page
  • Page number references to relevant pages for print manuals
  • Linking to other PDF documents and URLs
  • Double side printing support


  • Context sensitive help support for C++ and Delphi
  • Optionally show all sub-topics (for example all class members or all variables) on one HTML page
  • Full customization of the default topic (Welcome Page), add additional files to customize your HTML output

Help 2

  • Frame support, fixed headers

Browser-Based Help

  • TOC and Index
  • Frames for TOC, Index and fully customizable company header
Embarcadero Product(s): Delphi 2009, C++Builder 2009, JBuilder, C#Builder
Platform(s): Java J2SE, Java J2ME, Java J2EE, Windows, Microsoft .NET Framework
Category(s): Development Tool, Help Authoring, Programming Tool, Software Utility
Industry(s): Computing
Doc-O-Matic creates fully cross linked documentation systems, including both Source Code Documentation, online Help and User Manuals. Doc-O-Matic parses C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Delphi/Pascal and Java. Doc-O-Matic comes with its own integrated editor for authoring Help systems in HTML, HTML Help, Windows Help, MS Help 2 and printable PDF manuals from one single source.

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